The Holidays are fast upon us! Turbo's love cold air. GTR in the 6's?

What's up everyone? Things are heating up a bit around here.  This is my favorite time of year---the food, the drinks, football, the drinks--whoops, fall beers.  But what's really great this time of year is the cool air.  Why the cold air? No, I'm not crazy--I don't enjoy sitting in the cold.  

     What I'm talking about is your turbo.  This is it's favorite time of year.  It makes more power with the cooler, denser air.  So go out and rip on it, get after it, beat the piss out of it..whatever you call it.  Have fun.  

    Then spend some time in the garage drinking fall beers and fixing what you broke, or just doing your winter projects.  This is a time of year to reflect on the events of the year, both good and bad--and lay out plans to make next year even better.  With cars, motos, your girl/guy, whatever.  You guys see the insane numbers laid down in Vegas by English Racing in the GTR? Low, low 7s. Like 7.01 !! Crazy. Knocking on the 6s.  I wouldn't be surprised if they break into the 6s this week.  How long before the 5s?

    What we've been warming up with around here is our Ugly Christmas Sweaters.  Flying off the shelves!  Right now we have both crewneck and hoodies in several colors.  Car options currently are E30 M3, S2000, Evo X.  Evo 8/9, Rocket Bunny GTR, Civic EK, 240SX are just around the corner.  Should have them  in the store by Saturday.

    What other cars should we do?  Thinking Miata, Civic sedan, integra, RSX, maybe CRX, RX-7?

   We also have 1 mug version available, the E30.  Will have the others up soon.  Get some.  Printed on both sides, you'll never need another mug.  I mean, unless you spike your coffee and then proceed to drop and break it.  



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