Tool and Dye Designs behind the scenes Fall 2016 Photoshoot

Tool and Dye Designs behind the scenes Fall 2016 Photoshoot

   Hard to imagine, now, today, with this crazy wind and rain storm we're in the middle of here in Seattle, but just a few days we had beautiful weather.  Cool (cold) crisp in the morning with some fog, but then the fog would burn off late morning into the afternoon.  That combined with the vividly colored changing colors of the leaves meant we had to do a photoshoot.  

     So I gathered up the boys while my daughter was at school and headed over the my Mother-in-Law's house---also the photographer.  We trekked out to several spots around her neighborhood where the trees looked stunning.  For the most part, the boys just wanted to run around and play, but we were able to snap a couple great pics and some excellent behind the scenes shots.  

     I thought it might be fun to share a few of the pictures here before we edit them too much and use in our product photos and descriptions.  I hope this is the first of many more shoots with the boys featuring shirts---and hope to get my daughter in some as well.  I know I will cherish these moments more and more as time goes on and they grow older and too busy to spend time like this with boring old dad.  Luckily, so far at least, Soren is a car nut and I'll bet Stellan will be as well.  Fingers crossed that the enthusiasm for vehicles sticks with them!!  That's for sure something that was passed down from my father to me.  I now cherish those times spent in the garage helping my dad with his 1964 'Vette.  


Here's one with Watson (the Great Dane) and Soren (wearing our Kids Forged Logo T shirt).  He's just about over the pictures, even after multiple breaks for M&M's.  

Me rocking our Classic Logo T in Navy--a favorite among many favorites!

Another with Soren and I, this time both in our Forged Logo T's---and as you might have guessed, towards the beginning where he's still kind of sort of still interested in Dad's goings-on.


Here's little Stellan playing peekabo behind a tree.

We'll cut this Friday afternoon post short here with our Fabrication shirt!!


More to come!


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