About Us

     After serving my country for 10 years, I moved on to radiology at a large metropolitan hospital. While I mostly liked what I was doing, I yearned to do something more closely related to my passion for cars and motorsports.  I built cars and did track days when I could.  My father has always been a "car guy" and as they say, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.  I knew I had to do something that was my own, creating the american dream we all strive for.  

   In 2015 I started building my dream and called it Tool and Dye Designs.  Why Tool and Dye Designs?  My father is a machinist by trade, aka Tool and Die--so I decided to throw a personal spin on it, lending to the clothing aspect with the word "dye". One of the things I loved about going to car shows and races was finding cool motorsports shirts.  On the other hand, it was always a challenge because a lot of the designs I'd see were too flashy, too cheesy or just not me.  So why not make my own? It's been a long road but nothing worth doing is easy or fast, and nothing has been a fulfilling as building my own brand.  Thanks for all who have supported me along the way and in advance to all who will support the brand. We do everything we can to keep our members satisfied! 

  To touch a bit more on the name, I have an inherent love of all things mechanical, whether it's a car, truck, motorcycle, tractor or a tool.  This combined with my fathers drag racing of hot rods, my love of track days has brought me to where I am today.  Creatively my designs stem from both racing aspects along with bits of 1980's skate culture thrown in.  

I'm a father, husband, beer/coffee/wine/bourbon drinker that loves cycling (road, mountain and BMX--especially old cruisers), skating, collecting and listening to vinyl.  I'm also a bit of a sneaker head and damn fine cook. I currently still work in the medical field, but only a couple days per week.  I'm a stay at home dad, which affords me time with my kids and also to nurture Tool and Dye, which is growing daily.

You will often find our booth at local Seattle area car shows.  Stop in! 

I encourage you to ask for requests, such as other engine shirts you'd like to see us make.

Please feel free to reach out at TheBeard@toolanddyedesigns.com (I will reply)! Or via messenger here on the site. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram.

Tool and Dye Designs is part of Anderson Industries, LLC.