About Us

Welcome to our store, Tool and Dye Designs.  Our name stems from an inherent love of all things mechanical, having been raised by a car and motorcycle loving, drag racing machinist with a mostly kept in check anarchistic side.  Creatively, our unique designs draw from motorsports and motorcycle culture (cafe racer's, bobbers etc), nautical and industrial themes along with a touch of 80's skate punk culture.   

We were officially established in 2015, after years of dreaming.  We had trouble finding shirts with the type of designs we yearned for so we decided there was no better way than to do it ourselves.   We are constantly working on new designs and will continue to add them to the collection as they are hatched.

We are no strangers to online shopping to say the least.  One of the most frustrating aspects of online shopping is subpar customer service and lack of communication.  Knowing this, our number one goal is top gun customer service and on point communication.

Please feel free to email us at TheBeard@toolanddyedesigns.com (we will reply)!. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram.