Clean 1989 BMW 325ix of one of our customers

Clean 1989 BMW 325ix of one of our customers

     At we are suckers for older BMW's, especially E30's.  A 325IX is one of the first BMW's I had the pleasure of driving (this dates me...but it was when they were current models).  I loved that you could get it a little bit sideways and then the all wheel drive would straighten it out.  Always had a soft spot for them, but never owned one.  So many cars I want to some day own.

     This one here belongs to Kevin Morris, one of our great customers and an employee at BMW Genius.  He's in the middle of a restoration and it sounds fantastic to us.  

 To copy a bit from his email to us:  "...It is currently in the process of a complete factory restoration with a few changes here and there, stock inline six engine, power through a 5 speed manual swap, riding on kw variant 3 coilovers, all wheel drive for the winter here in new hampshire, stoptech braking system, mild cam on it, few sets of tires and wheels havent decided on the final show wheels for it yet, looking around and im thinking BBS, or HRE, other mods to come but for the interior, currently stock, besides the 5 speed swap, recaro racing seats on the way, possible half cage but that would render the 4 door useless, just little mods here and there but i would like to keep it as close to factory as possible with little enhancements here and there, thank you!!! "

We thank Kevin for his business and his dedication to his E30, and we look forward to the finished results.  

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