What's going on with Tool and Dye Designs?

     What are we doing at  Well, not even sure where to begin...but a lot. A ton.  For one, we've entered a business relationship with, an online retailer of brands similar to ours, such as Scotch and Iron, Hippie Killer and other Motorsport apparel brands.  We are pretty stoked on that!

     We've released quite a few new designs recently, from our newest Motorcycle design (Quit Work, Ride Moto's) to the Track Day Hero shirt and more.  Some of our classic designs are now available in fresh new colorways for spring and summer 2017.  Teal Forged in the NW design? Yes, please!

     I know it's only early May, but we're always thinking way ahead---five more ugly christmas sweater choices (RSX, RX-7, Mk4 Jetta, Focus RS and Supra).  Many more in the works, our goal is to have well over 100 choices this holiday season.  We'll keep you updated as work continues and options are designed.

     Finally, we've started working with some large YouTube accounts--sponsoring them with shirts.  Matt Farah from The Smoking Tire and the CZero media (we're of course huge Evo fans!!) at !! There are a few others that we will do a write up on soon and link to them.  

Have a great weekend!



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