Momo Wheels Heritage Collection, amazing vintage themed wheels

Momo Wheels Heritage Collection, amazing vintage themed wheels

Have you guys seen the Heritage Collection from Momo? The Heritage 6 to be exact, is killer.  I need something to put them on!

Taken from Momo:


Bringing MOMO’s past into the present, the MOMO Heritage 6 wheel features a modernized classic six-spoke design that is reminiscent of MOMO’s first light alloy wheels that revolutionized the industry in the 1970’s. Today’s MOMO six-spoke wheel is made using revolutionary rotary forged flow forming technology, a manufacturing process that makes wheels both light and strong.

MOMO has partnered with the engineering team responsible for developing and pioneering a unique rotary forged process over 11 years ago known as dual-way flow forming and who continues to revolutionize flow forming technology today. Through a unique combination of heat, pressure and rotation, the dual-way flow forming process creates a rim area with similar strength and impact ratings to forged wheels with a 15% weight reduction over alloy wheels.

Available in 17″ and 18″ diameters, the Heritage 6 is custom made to order. Choose your 5 lug bolt pattern, offset, backspace and any of MOMO’s nine custom color options."


Offered in nine, yes, NINE different colors.  I need an E30 M3 to rock them!

White with black wheels?

What would you put them on? What color and size?




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