EKanooRacing sets GTR new world record!!

   It seems like GTR 1/4 mile records bounce back and forth between English Racing and AMS Performance.  One shop holds it for a month or so and then just like that, the other shop trumps them.  EKanooRacing is the current world record holder with a jaw dropping 7.366 at 206mph, with a 1.29 60ft.  That's some serious effort right there, these guys are really moving.  Props!!

    We are so excited to see where this goes.  We're sure ER and AMS are busy cooking up something hot in their labs, preparing for the 2016 racing season just around the corner.  This is bound to be one hell of a season.  We're betting someone will dip into the 6's this year.  Check out the video below (be sure to turn your speakers up to 11!!), and follow us on Facebook




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