FSX Racing and Seattle BMX Shop

    We've been talking to a super cool cat by the name of Jade.  He's the owner of Seattle BMX shop.  He has offered us an opportunity to sell our shirts on consignment in the shop.  Seattle is severely lacking in proper BMX shops, so Seattle BMX shop is a clear standout.  Really looking forward to that. 

     Another thing we've been working on is website design.  I've never really been truly happy with the way our site looks or performs.  Been hard at work researching new themes and styles and have some great ideas and inspiration.  Before we can really move forward on that front, we need some great pictures.  We have a couple balls in motion for that, but the one we're most jazzed about is a photoshoot at the headquarters of FSX Racing Frank is a great guy that I met in the Evo world.  We had very similar motor/turbo builds in our cars before the demise of mine.  He is now in the middle of pulling his motor for rebuild after something let loose at an open drift event.  Looking forward to lending a hand with the installation and getting my hands dirty.  I really miss that. Love the smell of grease, fluids in general...oh and smells at the track, like hot brakes/clutches, race gas, E85 and hot tires.  The tink tink tink of a hot exhaust cooling down.  Hope to get back on the track sooner than later.

     With that we'll close out this post.  Want to thank all that supported us during the Black Friday weekend sales and say hello to our newest customers.  More to come soon!


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