Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, are you ready?

     How on earth is it already nearly Thanksgiving already? Pardon the cliche, but where does the time go? Thanksgiving happens to be my favorite holiday, or at least a near tie with Christmas.  I love the food and family.  Love slaving in the kitchen, switching back and forth--red wine and coffee, with a beer thrown in for good measure.  

     I'll typically play it safe with basic, standard dishes, but throw in a couple things I've never made before.  What are your recipe plans? 

     At we are ramping up for Black Friday and the Holiday shopping season in general.  Working on a few new designs as usual, as well as some sweatshirts (not sure whether they will be hoodies or crewnecks) and working out how much and what we will have on sale for Black Friday.  We are also working out a deal with Instagrammer WalletsandWhiskey.

     Enjoying a nice cold Elysian Punkuccino Coffee Pumpkin Ale on a blustery fall night in the Northwest.  Excellent way to cap a great day spent with the kids and working on business.  Until next time,

-The Beard


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