Harley Davidson Flat Track Motorcycle...back??

Harley Davidson Flat Track Motorcycle...back??

Is Harley Davidson bringing back an old classic Flat Track Bike? Well not really, at this point.  But there's always hope---perhaps with enough internet buzz they will.  We know they would sell a ton of these things.  This bike looks so fun.  It's fun just looking at it, not even riding it.  

     We at are sharing an article from :

"Harley Davidson is presenting their first new flat tracker motorcycle in 44 years with the new XG750R. The dirt-hungry bike is ready for competition packing their fuel-injected, liquid-cooled Harley-Davidson Revolution X V-Twin engine. The bike will make its official competition debut at the AMA Pro Flat Track Springfield Mile in Illinois. 

Unfortunately, the bike won't be available to the public, but we have a good feeling that there's going to be a huge outcry from customers who will be champing at the bit for a XG750R for the street. Come on Harley, make it happen. We all know you would sell a ton of these."

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