BMW R5 hommage motorcycle

BMW R5 hommage motorcycle

Article from David Fischer on

"BMW resurrects an icon with the launch of the R5 Hommage motorcycle. Paying tribute to one of the most successful race motorcycles of its time, the R5 was originally launched in in the 1930s, but ended up setting the standard until the 50s. With the R5 Hommage, BMW fuses the world of historical motorcycle design and modern world of custom bikes. Entirely crafted by hand, the bike comes with a two-cylinder boxer engine. A team work by the brothers Noren and the BMW Motorrad Design Team, the outcome is a gorgeous motorcycle, that even though it carries the looks of a vintage bike, could not come at a better time. Custom motorcycle culture has hit the mainstream and as such the move by BMW to bring the R5 back makes complete sense. The BMW R5 Hommage is on display at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este 2016."


We're in awe of this bike.  It's just so clean and sexy. And simple.  Can't get over it.  We've been loving BMW's lately and this bike is no exception.  Keep 'em coming!


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