Magnus Walker Urban Outlaw customizes HotWheels

Magnus Walker Urban Outlaw customizes HotWheels

    This is really cool of him to do.  Who is he? The man behind some against the grain (in a good way) retro-mod Porsche 911's. 


Now that you've seen the video that kind of explains what he does and who he is, love him or hate him....he's here to stay and has collaborated with Hot Wheels to make some really neat cars that anyone can afford to add to their collection.  Here's a copy from Cool Material(.com) and Gizmodo, author Ben Dahl:

"With dreadlocks that stretch down his back, a beard that reaches all the way to the logos on his tees, tattoos down his arms, a slight British accent and an outlaw attitude, Magnus Walker is the last man you’d expect to be a renowned Porsche builder and tuner. The man that dreamt of Porsches since he was a kid was tapped by Hot Wheels to help customize their new collection of classic 1:64-scale Porsche model cars. With miniature options ranging from a 1978 Porsche 375 to Walker’s infamous 1956 Porsche 356A Outlaw, these Hot Wheels will make great additions to any collection or desk."


We at Tool and Dye Designs will be on the lookout for this collection.  One set to let the kiddos (and Dad) play with and one to keep sealed, as always.  


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