TX2k16--The Little Integra that could!


What an awesome spectacle TX2K16 was.  One of the great match-ups was Myles Kerr and his beast of an Acura Integra making ~900whp(turbo B-series)  at the time, versus a twin turbo Audi R8.  Myles is back this year running Motec engine management and a new dogbox transmission along with the crazy aero.  Car is looking killer as always and sounds amazing.  We always love seeing underdog cars take the win.  With the reputation that precedes this little green monster nowadays, it's getting harder and harder to call it an underdog.  Way to go Myles, English Racing and Extreme Turbo Systems.   

Better luck next time, R8!! 

P.S.- we love Audi too.  All cars for that matter.  


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